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No matter how short or long distance you cover from your car, there are few car essentials that you should always keep in your car. From phone charger that comes in handy when your phone battery goes low to essential tools that may be required in case your car breakdown- your car should carry all the important car essentials at all times.

Here is a list of top 8 car essentials that must be present in your car while traveling.


Phone Charger

phone charger car essentialsWhether you want to call for help to navigate to safety or want to browse the internet, a hand device with low battery level can be both risky and boring. A good way to avoid this situation is to keep a small yet high-speed car charger that delivers the performance you need on the road. So, buying a dual port car charger from Amazon, which delivers an output of 2.4 amp per port and is compatible with all devices will be the best option. Additionally, it comes with a free micro USB charger.

Car Emergency Kit

emergency kit car essentialsHaving the right car emergency kit in your vehicle is important so as to keep yourself better prepared and safer for the unexpected. It’ll be perfect for those instances when you’re out and suddenly your car breakdown or someone you happen upon needs some roadside assistance. Buy Inditradition car emergency kit online from Amazon that consists of booster cable, nylon rope, LED torch, hand glove, electric tape (P.V.C) and a free carry bag. So, its a 6 in 1 set that will prove to be vital in making you feel confident and fearless during long drives.

Car Jack

jack car essentialsThis car essentials is  very important tool that comes in handy when you need to lift the car and change the tires at the time of puncture. So, safely jack-up your vehicle with a handy, portable jack from the house of Delta Enterprise and lift your car in seconds without much effort. Some of its features include lifting range 130-330mm, capacity to lift weight is 2 tons and blow case size is 493X225X155mm.

Phone Holder

holder car essentialsIf you don’t want to see things messed up while driving, then phone holder is a must-have item for you. This long neck 3600 rotation with an ultimate reusable suction cap makes convenient to hold phones of any size and pad tightly. While new 2-way locking ensures that you perfectly adjust the direction as you want.

Car Vacuum Cleaner

vacuum cleaner car essentialsIf you are out with friends or family, then it is inevitable for you to keep your car clean for a long time. It’ll be littered in one way or the other. So, keeping a vacuum cleaner on board will be useful in removing the unwanted stuff and even the minute dust particles. You can just try one from Amazon. The ultra-sleek, scratch-proof, unbreakable body makes it a highly-efficient product. Moreover, the plus point is that it comes with a 1-year warranty. Will you still wait to buy this dual purpose(wet & dry), 3 stage filter system?

Car Duster

duster car essentialsOnly owning a car is not enough. Because, even it’s the most luxurious car, people will still judge the owner by the way the car is kept clean. Hence, make sure to keep an international quality car duster for cleaning your car in a few minutes. The 100% wax-treated cotton strands magically boost the duster to lift the dust without scratching the car’s surface. It’s not only easy to use but durable and long lasting as well.

Fire Extinguisher

extinguisher car essentialsThis car essential can come in handy in case of emergency fire. Thereby, investing in a Ceasefire powder based car extinguisher will ensure your safety against A, B, C fires as well as electrical fires. Easy to use, lightweight, shoot and point design allow to fight with the fire within seconds.

Cleaning Cloth

cleaning cloth car essentialsWhether your car needs detailing or polishing, the microfiber cleaning cloth set of 5 are absolutely essential for both exterior and interior. It posses excellent properties like quick dry, superior absorption, no bleach, wrinkle and bacteria-free. So, invest in a high-quality cleaning cloth to save your time and money in the long run.

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