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Nothing is reliable than oils and lubricants for the better maintenance of your vehicle!

Nowadays, several factors can lead to wear and even the deterioration of the parts of a vehicle. Indeed, the only and only solution is the regular maintenance of your motorcycle or your car. However, for it to be carried out in state of the art, it is necessary to use qualified and suitable products, whether for engine oil or additives or even the different types of lubricant. For this same, Auto Cart offers a list of maintenance products for your vehicles.

HP Lubricants Racer4 Synth

hp lubricant motorbike oilThe way your body demands food daily and in time for the proper functioning, in the same way, your vehicles also need some lubrication and treatment to perform effectively. And, for that, it is mandatory that you consider oils and lubricants like this HP Lubricants Racer4 Synth. This HP synthetic engine oils and lubricants are specially made for the bikes of a new generation. The oil has the viscosity that allows you to drive the motorcycle smoothly in the coldest and hottest regions.

Shell Advance

shell advance motorbike oil

This Shell Advance Motorcycle oil offers 23 percent more safety and protection to the engine startup in comparison to other inferior oils and lubricants. It has 52 percent cleaner pistons than the industry standard. This synthetic oil has the formulation that meets API SM and offers optimized clutch control with JASO MA2. With the use of Oils and Lubricants, especially like this Shell Advance, you can enhance the performance of your motorbike from 100 CC to 150 CC. With the application of this oil, you can attain various benefits like it prevents dust particles to get stick to the engine. It reduces the vibration and noise from the engine and thus leads to the prolong engine life.


motul motorbike oilMotul presents its motorcycle lubricant, the lubricant 5100 4T 10W50 containing 4 liters.  The Technosynthese® lubricant is reinforced by a base Ester to ensure the wear and the longevity of the gearbox gears properties. This improves the resistance of the oil film at high temperatures for more engine protection. The oil gives you excellent gearbox protection thanks to an innovative anti-wear additive technology: the FZG test, which evaluates the lubrication capacity and the fluid wear protection between two gears with variable torque.

The JASO MA2 specification offers the best level of friction to ensure perfect clutch locking during the 3 phases of operation: starting, acceleration and maximum speed.

This product can be mixed with synthetic or mineral oils.


castrol activ motorbike oils and lubricantsFor the smooth functioning of your vehicle, it is essential that you give time to time lubrication to it. And, to perform this activity make sure that you go for the oils and lubricants from the best brands like this Castrol Activ. This oil acts as a 24×7 bodyguard of your vehicle as it protects the engine from the dust deposits. The Castrol Activ engine oil decreases the heat caused by the friction and provides optimum performance. This oil is highly recommended for the gearless scooters.

So, folks if you are still not giving proper fueling and maintenance to your vehicle then start doing it now as later on, you may have to face many losses.

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