Bergmann Supersonic Car Vacuum Cleaner (White)

  • Sleek Mirror-Finish Body – High quality, white, virgin ABS, scratch-proof and unbreakable body (Most others use recycle plastic material which can break easily)
  • High Speed Motor – 100% pure copper high power, high efficiency, high speed motor.(Only high power is not enough and motor should have higher speed and efficiency)
  • Advanced 3-Stage Filter System – Stage 1: Mesh Filter, Stage 2: Washable medical-grade Hepa Filter, Stage 3: Carbon Filter (Most others only have a Hepa Filter which can easily break with a sharp object)
  • Stunning Looks and Design – Probably the most stunning and elegant design ever to be created in a car vacuum cleaner
  • Patented One-Way Dust Flow – The only car vacuum cleaner in the world with patentedone-way dust flow concept where dust does not fall out when product is tilted. (In most other car vacuum cleaners, the dust falls out when you tilt it)
  • Transparent dust box – know when to empty it!
  • High quality cigarette lighter plug with fuse. 4.5m long pure copper cord
  • Dual Purpose – Wet and Dry, 2 attachments (nozzle and brush), Extra fuse & Free Carry Bag
  • 1 Year Warranty. contact_us on: [ 022-2880-32-32 ]


1,119.00 1,495.00