Mizzle Microfiber Towel – Quick Dry Sports + Travel Towel – Fast Drying, Super Soft, Lightweight

Mizzle Microfiber Towel – 150cm x 80cm – Quick Dry Sports + Travel Towel – Fast Drying, Super Soft, Lightweight. Includes Storage Bag – For Travel, Swimming, Gym, Sports, Camping, Beach, Yoga, Golf etc…

  • A PERFECT CAMPANION FOR DAILY USE, SPORTS & TRAVEL: Highly popular Purple Microfiber Towel from Mizzle, comes with a travel bag, and a compact size. These extremely light weight towels are just what you need for your daily use and outdoor activities! The Mizzle Quick Dry Sports towel is also available in Charcoal Grey (Light Black), another High fashion colour. Stay on trend!
  • HIGH QUALITY: Mizzle’s Microfibre Sports Towel use an 80/20 polyester-polyamide microfibre blend that is highly durable and extremely soft. These are tough and long lasting, at the same time soft on the skin.
  • ULTRA ABSORBENT: This towel is super absorbent and can literally suck up masses of water, yet dries super quickly
  • PERFECT SIZE: With a size of 150cm x 80cm, these towels are just perfect for Daily use, Beach, Gym, Workouts, Swimming, Yoga, Golfing, trekking, hiking and pretty much everything


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