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There Car Gadgets are fortunately numerous options to upgrade your ride and improve your experience on the road by making smoother, safer and much more fun. Be it about connecting your smartphone to your vehicle, or remote central locking system, these coolest car gadgets will have you covered on your road trips.

If you own a high-end car, then you may not need some of these products, but if you don’t, this list of most useful trinkets, car gadgets can be crucial for your safety and convenience along the way.

1. Bluetooth LED Screen + 8LED Reverse Camera

Bluetooth LED Screen + 8LED Reverse Camera - Car gadgetsIf your car is living in the past, then this 7 inches full-screen HD Bluetooth LED Screen + 8LED Reverse Camera is a great way to streamline all of your favorite playlists directly from your smartphone. It plays for many hours on a single charge, which is more than enough. The reverse camera in it is very helpful when taking a reverse and is automatically activated when the gear is on a reverse, This gadget even allows for hands-free calling via a built-in microphone. The quality of the HD LED screen and camera is superior.


2. Stereo Power Amplifier

Stereo Power Amplifier - car gadgetsUpgrade your listening experience with the Sony XM-N1004 car stereo power amplifier. It has high power output automatic thermal control efficient cooling design. It acts as a power source to your car stereo. The channel configuration of this amplifier is 4ch, 3ch, 2ch, It has a 36a load capability -3db weight (Kg) of approx- 2.7Kg. The power output of this amplifier is 1000 watt with single sided connections and low pass and high pass filter.


3. Behavior Tracking Device

Behavior Tracking Device - Car gadgetsFor those who want that extra layer of protection, the Rollr mini is a revolutionary telematics device that remains the best at finding police speed radar signals. It’s a device that will enhance your car owning experience forever. A powerful micro-controller inside it collects all the important vehicle information round the clock through inbuilt sensors. Whether you want to ensure family safety, keep a tab on your car’s health, track your driver behavior, Rollr mini will make it happen. The device is AIS-004 compliant and all embedded components are industrial/auto grade. So, it provides superior performance and long product life even at extreme operating conditions. It comes with a mobile app that hosts a number of awesome features like location sharing, geo-fencing, real-time vehicle tracking, driving behavior tracking configurable alerts, trip analytics and much more.

4. Adjustable Mobile Holder

Adjustable Mobile HolderIf you’re not into heavy duty dashboard holder, then this ultra-sticky suction is the best option for you. Not only does it hold your phone in one place securely, but can also be removed easily without leaving any nasty mark. This mobile holder just works well for any phone. The secure locking mechanism in it ensures a snug fit for most surfaces. The flexible ball head and telescopic arm provide the maximum extension for ideal height and accessibility. Moreover, the swivel ball head offers 360° free rotations to your desired viewing angle.
To put shortly, this adjustable dashboard car mount holder has an easy operation that allows you to drive effortlessly.


5. Dual Port Rapid Car Charger

Dual Port Rapid Car ChargerBring Qualcomm certified charger into your car. The dual port rapid quick charger 3.0 is engineered to refuel devices up to 4 times faster than any other conventional chargers. This dual-port USB device comes with exclusive Smart IC optimum smart charging technology for Apple and other non-Qualcomm quick charge enabled devices. Compatible with a full range of USB-powered connection types tech whether Android, Apple, Bluetooth headphones or speakers, smart watches, dash cams, etc. With advanced circuitry and built-in safeguards to protect your devices against excessive overheating, current and overcharging, the USB port adapts to your devices. So that you can plug it in any way for the most convenient charging experience. Well, this ingenious car gadgets, car charger is sleek and minimalist in design that matches every car’s interior.


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