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With the air pollution hitting it’s all time high, everyone is seeking ways to survive the drastic change. It is thus best to keep the best air purifier in your car to not only fight with the air pollution but kill any unseen microorganisms that may expose you or your family to any potential health threat. So, no matter how modern or sophisticated your car may be, you still need an air purifier for your car. It is just as an air purifier that brings a lot of health benefits inside the home, so does the car air purifiers when inside the car.

Check out the quick rundown of few car air purifiers available online.

1. Honeywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier

honeywell car air purifierHoneywell Move Pure Car Air Purifier has a high-grade HEPA filter, which not only removes PM 2.5, but also fights with the dust and external particulate pollutants. Moreover, the advance double layer active carbon filter in it removes formaldehyde, VOCs, cigarette smoke, bacteria, virus, odor and toxic gases. From small to SUVs, this air purifier with CADR of 12 Cu m/hr, can be used in all kinds of cars. It’s easy to install and use. This device has a long filter life of 360 hours. There is also a comprehensive 12 months manufacturer warranty on this device.

2.  Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifier

Phillips car air purifierCertified by Airmid for unique Philips select filter technology, Philips GoPure Compact 100 Airmax Car Air Purifiers eliminates up to 90% airborne allergens based on one pass efficiency test. It comes with a filter replacement indication, 2 fan speed modes, compact design and automatic switch on/off button.
It also removes dust, allergens, smoke, bacteria, viruses and odor in just 13 minutes. With filter lifetime of up to 350 hr, it can be used up to 1 year depending on air quality. For perfect in car integration, it includes a 4m 12v power cable and cup holder installation accessory.

3. Atlanta Healthcare HEPA Pure ® Medipure ® MF-01 MotoFresh Elite Car Air Purifier

atlanta car air purifierFeaturing dual fan technology with the highest CADR, which is the first time ever introduced in India. The 4 Stage filtration system having HEPA, Activated Carbon, Anti Bacterial Guard, Ioniser knocks out all type of toxins in it. As the device is easy to install, it’s a perfect companion for your daily travel in the city. Driven by innovation and technology, this is the best in class car air purifiers that purifies the vehicle within 10 minutes. It provides purification against PM2.5/PM10. The one-touch simple and easy operation allows controlling all the operations with the touch of a just single button. It’s a complete DIY product, very easy to deploy, use and maintain. The 1-year warranty against any defects in the product is also a plus.

4. Philips GoPure Slimline 230 Car Air Purifier

philips gopure car air purifierWith high-efficiency filtration technology, the Philips car air purifiers efficiently removes fine particles like PM2.5 with a CADR of 10m3/hour. The air-quality sensor indicates the current air quality with 3 different colors, i.e. poor (red), fair (yellow) and excellent (blue). In addition there is one fragrance cartridge included that refreshes the air inside the car with natural fragrance dispensing function. It makes comparatively less noise as compared to its counterparts. Moreover, the several in-built features with stylish and compact design make this device unique from other products.
That said, choosing the most appropriate car air purifiers for your car include looking for certain features that can help in achieving the optimum level of air purification. So, we hope we had made this process a lot easier for you by sharing with you some of the important details you’ve to look in a car purifier.

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